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Name:Fire Emblem Academy
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Guidelines for Users of the Archive
- Do not leave discussion comments on the [community profile] emblemology post itself unless you are unable to leave a comment at the linked article. This rule is in place for two reasons: 1) to consolidate all discussion in one place where all readers will see it (the original article), and 2) to allow users of the archive to easily spot when a post has an article posted as a response (since this is what comments are used for within this community).
- Be nice.
That's more or less it. There isn't much to say about using the archive. :)

Tips and tricks:

You can find a complete listing of all tags here, with an explanation of what they mean here if you're not sure what they mean.

You can filter by multiple tags using this format:,nameoftag2?mode=and
Here's a sample search for theories about Anna's psychology (of which there are presently none).

Or, if you want to include entries from multiple tags all at once, you can do this:,nameoftag2
Here's a sample search for all kinds of posts except those that are exclusively persuasive.

If you read an article and like it, check the article's comments for discussion (which is often full of good stuff), as well as the emblemology post for cross-references in the comments.

If you'd like to submit an article, please read the Submission Guidelines.
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